Crisp refreshing gin with a hint of citrus, locally distilled in Downton

DATE EXHIBITING: Nov 30 - Dec 24

Nestled in the heart of the Wiltshire Avon Valley, sits Downton a small village that has great cultural heritage; tracing it’s heritage back to Neolithic, Iron Age, Roman and Saxon times. Downton Distillery is next to the Old Manor House which is said to be one of the longest inhabited houses in the South of England. ​The Manor House became a valued centre of England when belonging to William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester in 1380. For many years it was in the residence of the Bishops of Winchester, until its lease for Grace and Favour, to Queen Elizabeth I in 1560 – one which she would later gift to her favourite rising star of the Royal Court, Sir Walter Raleigh. Having been gifted Downton Manor House, Raleigh set to charm Elizabeth to pursue his dreams of colonising the new world, which we know today as the USA. His efforts proved fruitful and in 1584, he was granted patent to explore and settle along the coast of the Americas. Downton’s ancestors ventured into the unknown to become new world pioneers. Their spirit is distilled into every bottle by our use of spring water from the Avon. This water carried those who dared to deviate off the beaten path to new world. At Downton we embody this adventurous spirit through our gin, as we launch our endless journey of new discoveries with Explorer’s Gin.

Explorer’s Gin is an adventurous twist on a London Classic. Showcasing a perfect balance Juniper, Citrus, Pepper and Cedar, it revitalises premium gin with a combination of the contemporary and traditional. Whilst on the palette citrus gives way to the spice and floral notes; the flavour navigates roundly for the more adventurous palette. It’s a gin made for tonic.